Giving away your
   most valuable seeds ...

   A few years ago, there was story going around about a farmer who won a particular category in the Nebraska State Fair four years in a row, which is apparently unheard of there.

The local newspaper sent a reporter to interview the farmer to find out what he did to achieve such a feat.

The reporter asked, "What's your secret ? Do you have any special corn seed ?"
The farmer replied, "Absolutely, I develop my very own corn seed."
The reporter said, "Okay, so that's your secret - you developed your very own corn seed ?"
And the farmer said, "No, not particularly."

The reporter exclaimed, "I don't understand. What's your secret, then ?"
The farmer said, "Well, I'll tell you. I develop my own seed, and then I give it to my neighbours …"

The reporter said, "Huh ? You develop your own seed, and then give it to your neighbours ? Why would you do that ?"
The reporter was incredulous - why would anyone in his right mind develop his own award-winning seed and then just give it away ??

The farmer said, "You don't understand how corn is pollinated. It's pollinated from neighboring fields, and if you have fields around you that don't have top-quality corn, then your own fields are not going to grow top-quality corn.

But if my neighbours' fields have strong corn, then I'll have awesome corn! That's how I won the Nebraska State Fair four times in a row."

A story about the benefits
of giving and sharing ...   

From "Success From Home" magazine, Vol.4, Issue 10, Oct 2008, p109, Plus Publishing

A story about the benefits of giving and sharing …

Even also giving away and sharing your most valuable resources, competencies and assets ...

- and, knowing when to do it for mutual benefits.

- so, to consider for yourself ...

- ... in which environments your most valuable resources, competencies and assets may add value and create mutual benefits ?

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